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Artisans at Montery Cowboy Festival 2010
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About Us

  Festival Board & Committee Chairs

We are a group of volunteers who love cowboy poetry, western music, cowboy movies and western art and gear. We formed a non-profit corporation 501(c)(3) in order to bring the best western entertainment and art to Monterey County and especially the historical City of Monterey. Our charitable partner is the Salvation Army. They have been living the cowboy way for some time.

As in the past, we pride ourselves on bringing the best of the best of both established and new and upcoming cowboy poets, western music entertainers. Our Art and Gear Show is one of the finest in the United States, heck, probably the world. Presenting the finest Western crafts from artisans, collectors and craftsman from around the country. All here in California's First Capital, Monterey Bay.

2011 Board of Monterey Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival

From left to right: Wendy Brickman, Dee Dee Garcia White, Tim Daniels, Mike Horowitz,
Craig Collord, Gerry Montgomery(white shirt) Roberta Valdez and Carol Lenters.
Not shown: Chuck Lincoln, Justin Farr, Mollie Edwards, Spence Meyers, Frank Pinney.


Craig Collord
   President/Festival Director

Mike Horowitz
  Product Sales

Chuck Lincoln
  Cowboy Art & Western

Tim & Carl Daniels

Carol Lenters
  Youth Development

Gary Brown
   Festival Founder 1999

Gary Brown
Gary Brown, Festival Founder

      Craig Collord
      Craig Collord, President

Margo Daniels
   Green Room/Silent Auction

Chuck Lincoln
   Vice President, &
   Security & Facebook

Wendy Brickman
   Advertising/ Publicity

Paul Cain
   Technical Coordinator

Justin Farr
   Stage Setup

Del and Colleen Andrus
   CD Sales



Dave Sweigert

Spence Myers

Carol Lenters
  Treasurer &
  Stage Manager

Ellen Sweigert

Tim Daniels
  BBQ & Volunteers

Taffra Mayo

Frank Pinney

Bill Farr
  in memoriam

Bill Farr
Bill Farr, in memoriam





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