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Performers from our 17th Festival - November 2015
Michael Martin Murphy

MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHEY –   We're honored to have Michael Martin Murphey headline the festival. It is the 25th Anniversary of his highly acclaimed Cowboy Songs album; a Gold Record. Murph has 6 Gold Records (Wildfire was Platinum); 5 Cowboy Hall of Fame Wrangler Awards; 11 award winning BMI songs and is in the WMA Hall of Fame. Glad you're here Murph!

Don Edwards DON EDWARDS - Six time winner of the prestigious Wrangler Awards from the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, as well as their prestigious Founders Award. Don is a historian, author, musicologist, songwriter and a true American patriot. He was once described as the "the best purveyor of cowboy music in America today." He's also a nice guy and a good friend to all.  
Sons of the San Joaquin SONS OF THE SAN JOAQUIN – The Hannah boys (Joe, Jack and Lon) are simply the best harmony trio to ever come along in western music. The Hall of Fame trio have won the WMA's Traditional Group 8 times; 3 Wrangler Awards and Jack, the Songwriter of the Year 6 times. They are cutting back on touring, so this is a rare opportunity to see them perform.  
Waddie Mitchell

WADDIE MITCHELL – Named by People magazine as the "Best Known Cowboy Poet"; commissioned by the 2002 Cultural Olympiad to compose a commemorative poem; received the Arizona's Festival of the West's Cowboy Spirit Award; Nevada's Heritage Award; American Cowboy Culture Award; and inducted into the Nevada Writers Hall of Fame. Not too bad cowboy!

RW Hampton

R W HAMPTON – This sure nuff' cowboy has been awarded the AWA's Entertainer of the Year, Male Vocalist (3 times), and Album of the Year. The WMA inducted him into the Hall of Fame, plus awards for Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Male Performer. RW has also won 3 Wrangler Awards. He's known as the "voice" of western music!

Katy Moffat

KATY MOFFATT – The London Express, noted: "If ever there was the perfect singer/songwriter, it is Katy Moffatt. Her voice is perhaps the most searingly beautiful thing you'll ever here."  She has a worldwide following and refuses to be locked into the Nashville sound.  She also puts a lot of emotion in her delivery. Katy recorded the highly acclaimed Cowboy Girl album in 2001.

Dave Stamey

DAVE STAMEY – He's one of the most sought out western performers today on the sawdust trail. The 4 times WMA Entertainer of the Year, 5 times Male Performer of the Year and 5 times Songwriter of the Year is a remarkable singer/songwriter. True West in 2010 identified Dave as the "Best Living Western Solo Musician." Dave has a solid following of fans here in Old Monterey.

Belinda Gail

BELINDA GAIL –  "America's Western Sweetheart" keeps racking up the awards from the WMA. Last November, she won the Album of the Year for her highly acclaimed Granite Mountain CD.  Belinda also has won their Female Performer of the Year award a remarkable 7 times!!! WMA might as well rename it the Belinda Holy Grail Award in her honorl

Cow Bop

BRUCE FORMAN & COW BOP – Led by the legendary jazz guitarist Bruce Forman, Cow Bop, the San Francisco Chronicle said: "It's hot, jazzy and has a drawl." The late Herb Jeffries, Pinto Pammy is a wonderful vocalist and a star in her own right. Bruce, of the Bruce Forman Trio, has recorded 18 albums, 4 with Cow Bop. The famous guitarist Rich O'Brien said "Bruce is my hero!"

Sourdough Slim

SOURDOUGH SLIM – There is only one Sourdough Slim. He is truly the "Last of the Vaudeville Cowboys". Relegated to the role of a "sidekick" he takes it in stride and has mastered the role. The accordion playing songster, also plays harmonica, guitar, does rope tricks, dances a gig, and yodels, all at one time, well almost. And he does it without a net. Superb deadpan humorist as well.

Jesse Smith

JESSE SMITH -  Jesse after growing up in Glennville, CA, called isolated cow camps home for many a year. He was invited to the first Elko Cowboy Gathering in 1985. Jesse knows the classics and recites them as well as anyone. He's also written serious poetry such as High Sierras; however audiences also love his humorous side.


ADRIAN - The 24 year old returns to the Monterey Cowboy Festival. Truth be told, Adrian Brannan's first cowboy/girl performance, was at our Open Mic session, when she was 14. Western Horseman identified her composition The Will James Days as one of the 13 Best Western Songs of All Time. Adrian has a powerful voice, infectious laugh and vivacious personality.

Jeff Gore

JEFF GORE – He was recently profiled in Western Horseman, entitled A Cowboy's Mission. Yes, Jeff Gore is an ordained minister, however he punches cattle as part of being a "cowboy missionary" and writes cowboy and gospel songs and sings like a bird.  He's also popular in public schools with the subjects of the Old West, Cattle Drives and making the right decisions.

Pat Richardson

PAT RICHARDSON – The festival wouldn't be the same without Pat reciting his irreverent yet always humorous poetry. The former professional Rodeo Bronc and Bull rider…that explains it...won the AWA's Best Male Poet (2003), as well as another Will Rogers Award from the AWA for his book of poems Unhobbled. However, keep an eye on him as he is unpredictable!

Karen Ross

KAREN ROSS - The other part of the Ross family, is Jim's witty wife Karen. Karen is a fine poet and appreciates the classics. Karen is most known for her amazing recitation of Rinderfella, a comical parody on the Cinderella story, previously recited by the late Alice Hancock. Priceless!! Karen is also a fine silversmith.

Jim Ross

JIM ROSS – A longtime favorite cowboy poet of the festival is Jim Ross. The former working cowboy from the Mt. Shasta area, recites the classic cowboy poems as well as own compositions. One of the best is his Hot Shot Wars. If you've worked the chutes, you'll have an appreciation what might just happen if the boss is not around. Jim's a keeper!




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